Advanced Film Production

The filmmaking process requires a tremendous amount of patience, discipline, creativity, and flexibility. You need to deal with people, but know how to troubleshoot technology; you must be organized, but open to spontaneity; you should be prepared for everything, but comfortable working in the unknown. To do one must employ a wide range of skills not typically required in academic study. In this hands-on, production-focused course, you will build upon the technical, creative, and collaborative skills you acquired in Introduction to Video Production. You will utilize such skills as visual storytelling, story development, production planning and management, digital cinematography, directing actors, lighting scenes, non-linear editing, and sound design to produce two films, a narrative fiction film and a documentary.

This class will have discussions, lectures, screenings, in-class demonstrations, reading assignments, and extended projects. You will work in the five main phases of filmmaking: research and development, pre-production, production, post-production, and outreach and distribution. This course is taught as a hands-on workshop that combines a basic understanding of the history and theory of film with an exploration of how images can elicit emotion from viewers. There will be an emphasis on story-telling: writing, directing, producing, and editing. You will work in small production teams and share responsibilities for planning, executing and completing course projects and assignments. There will accordingly be a heavy emphasis on teamwork. Process is much more important than product in this course.

Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to: learn how to collaborate effectively and fairly with colleagues, including the ability to critique others and oneself with respect; understand the skills and steps necessary to nurture an idea through distribution; build upon established knowledge of the grammar of film and fundamental elements of visual storytelling; practice skills in writing, directing, producing, shooting, lighting, sound recording and editing.

This course will require technical, creative, and collaborative skills. Problem solving is a must for this course – be prepared to negotiate problems as they pop up.