Imported. A Film about Self-Governance.

Two teams of students wrote, produced, directed, and edited their fiction pieces.

Imported. A film by: Brian Terrill, Erin Hayes, Tori Szczechiak, Dianel Arsura, and Conor MacDonnell.


Inspired by the chance for freedom, former co-workers Rob and Simon leave their corporate lives to establish an entirely new nation on an abandoned offshore platform . This platform, previously unclaimed by any country, is now under the dominion of the two men. Through a series of self-made videos, Rob and Simon document their progression towards what they hope will be a utopia where they can govern themselves and remain unburdened from oppression and political ineptitude.

However, upon arrival their plans are shaken by an unexpected presence on their platform. Lance, a squatter, is already occupying the platform when the men arrive. From then on, their exclusive vision for the platform is thrown off course. At first life on the platform thrives, but it soon diminishes as conflicts of power arises between the two founders. They soon realize the seemingly easy task of self-governance is a lot harder than they expected as they struggle to find once and for all who has authority over their lives.