Advanced Production Film Screenings

Five student films screened in Washington Hall on May 3rd, 2012. These films represent 14 weeks of work and collaboration between ten students in the Advanced Production Class. They are: The Lore of the Crim Dell. A film by Conor MacDonnell, Daniel Arsura, and Eleanor Goodrich. The Crim Dell has more to offer than just another pretty […]

Glass from the Past.

A Film by Brian Terrill, Aaron Port, and Tori Szczechiak Featuring the music of Dean Shostak.  

You’re Invited.

A Film by: Aaron Port, Eleanor Goodrich, Charlie Wegrzyn, Christian Sassano, George Mokhiber Symopsis. While preparing for an eagerly anticipated dinner party, a young college student named Cindy confronts loneliness and vulnerability as guests, canceling one by one, offer absurd yet truthful excuses. Balancing both comedic and tragic elements, Something Came Up navigates the insecurities […]

Imported. A Film about Self-Governance.

Two teams of students wrote, produced, directed, and edited their fiction pieces. Imported. A film by: Brian Terrill, Erin Hayes, Tori Szczechiak, Dianel Arsura, and Conor MacDonnell. Synopsis. Inspired by the chance for freedom, former co-workers Rob and Simon leave their corporate lives to establish an entirely new nation on an abandoned offshore platform . […]

Advanced Film Production

The filmmaking process requires a tremendous amount of patience, discipline, creativity, and flexibility. You need to deal with people, but know how to troubleshoot technology; you must be organized, but open to spontaneity; you should be prepared for everything, but comfortable working in the unknown. To do one must employ a wide range of skills […]