Science Filmmakers Screen Their Final Projects

Five student films screened in Washington Hall. These films represent seven weeks of work and collaboration between eight students in the Filmmaker for Science Students course and professors. They are: The Pollution of Noise. A film by Jamie Hall & Conor MacDonnell. Songbirds are more important to our lives than we thought. And they are under […]

Final Films – Visualizing St. Petersburg

The documentary filmmaking process requires a tremendous amount of patience, discipline, creativity, and flexibility. You need to deal with people, but know how to troubleshoot technology; you must be organized, but open to spontaneity; you should be prepared for everything, but comfortable working in the unknown. For the eight students who studied abroad in the […]

Greener & Gold: the Greening of a College Campus

On Thursday evening, in a small corner of Swem Library, an audience of students, staff, faculty, administrators, alum, and Williamsburg residents came together to watch Greener & Gold: the Greening of a College Campus, a documentary film made by four student filmmakers – Aaron Port, Pratyush Dubey, Nimah Rahman, and Bernice Chu – and filmmaker-in-residence Jes […]

Ghosts of Ancient Campus

History permeates the buildings on the campus of William and Mary. This part of the country has fascinated many individuals with the ideas of ghosts and lost souls. As part of an Advanced Documentary Production class, 8 students explored this notion of ghost and spirits and produced a 12 minute documentary film. The film premiere […]

Final Film Screenings – Introduction to Film Production

Five student productions screened at Washington 201 to a packed audience. It was the first time many of these filmmakers screened to a larger audience. For the final project, production teams had the option of doing a narrative fiction or a non-fiction documentary between 5 – 8 minutes. Ideas were pitched to class members and […]

Character Profile

The Character Profile Production allows students a greater freedom in their productions. In team, students now utilize all the tools available to create a story including editing, audio and music. The total running time of the final piece are between: ~ 3-4 minutes. The character profile piece will focus on one person (or one character), although […]


I’ve been on campus for a little over seven weeks. As the first filmmaker-in-residence at William and Mary, one of my priorities, apart from introducing myself to as many in the community as I can, had been assessing the need for a filmmaker. What do professors, students and administrators want? What might be potential collaborations in […]

Cinematography: Nine Shots

Cinematography is an art form that is deep and varied. To explain it’s complexities is a task most expert cinematographers have difficulty with. It’s more like a feeling, a taste that is either right or wrong. For simplicity, I encourage students to consider 9 different shots: four field of view shots and five camera movements. […]

What do you want to make movies about

It’s important to learn the HOW and the WHAT of producing media. How do I record clean sound? How do I light this empty room? But something that is even more important, is the WHY. Why are you making films. What do you want to say? What do you want to make films about?