Flat Hat News: City Symphony Documentaries

This year, W&M professor Tim Barnard and filmmaker-in-residence Jes Therkelsen are team-teaching a documentary production course in conjunction with the festival. Students in the class will produce two documentary productions inspired by the city symphony, a genre of film that originated with 1920’s avant-garde filmmakers. One project, a W&M Global Summer City Symphony, will compile […]

Research Through Documentary Filmmaking Abroad

Over the course of the past three years, professors Frederick Corney and Alexander Prokhorov made undergraduate research the central component of William & Mary’s St. Petersburg summer study abroad program. Each year, students work on research projects concerning places of memory and urban development in St. Petersburg. Specifically, students examine how these sites are remembered […]

Teaching Through Research

We’ve determined as a faculty that our undergraduate students should comprehend the tools of research as an essential part of their future problem-solving and decision-making,” says Joel Schwartz, director of the Charles Center and dean of honors and interdisciplinary studies. Ordinarily, students would wait until graduate school or until they begin their careers before taking the next step: […]

Global Film Festival Launches

A documentary film production course currently being team taught by festival director and W&M visiting assistant professor, Tim Barnard, and W&M filmmaker-in-residence, Jes Therkelsen, will provide additional programming. One team in the course is making a “Global City Symphony” using footage from cities around the world taken during W&M study abroad programs this summer. The […]

Family Weekend Faculty Lecture Series

As William and Mary’s Teaching Filmmaker-in-Residence, I provide students the opportunity to create technically proficient digital video productions through production courses, inter-disciplinary collaborations, independent studies, and honor projects. Teaching media production within a liberal arts environment like William and Mary gives students the cultural, historical, and theoretical context to explore visual storytelling skills such as story development, production planning, […]

St. Petersburg study-abroad students attend international film festival

The eight participants of William & Mary’s St. Petersburg summer study abroad program knew they had signed on for a summer of learning more about Russian culture, language, literature and films. They were prepared to earn nine credits while abroad, and to make their own documentaries under the supervision of the College’s film-maker in residence, […]

Filmmaker-in-residence is bridging science and the humanities

“We scientists have not had a good track record of effectively communicating our work to the general public or to decision makers, at all levels of government,” Professor of Biology John Swaddle confesses. “Jes is teaching classes that cross the boundaries between environmental science issues and effective communication through film and video. Our undergraduates will […]

Therkelsen Takes up Environmental Postdoc

The environment postdoc position caps a decade-long effort to build a nationally competitive undergraduate program in environmental science and policy. Appointments rotate across the sciences, social sciences, and humanities, integrating all aspects of Arts & Sciences into the program. Read more.

Mellon Environmental Postdoctoral Scholar

Successful environmental policy depends upon good science, but too often, that science remains trapped in laboratories, in a world of test-tubes and technical language. With this challenge in mind, W&M faculty mentors Sharon Zuber (Visiting Assistant Professor of English and Film Studies), Dan Cristol (Professor of Biology), and John Swaddle (Professor of Biology, Director of […]