Bumble Bee Garden

Bernice Chu, a Monroe scholar, completed her research on school gardens. As a ENSP senior with an interest in local food and diet, Bernice As part of her project she produced a short documentary about Blayton Elementary School’s process of building a garden on school grounds and getting students involved. Bumble Bee Garden. A film […]

Visualizing St. Petersburg

Visualizing St. Petersburg: Documentary Filmmaking Abroad The documentary filmmaking process requires a tremendous amount of patience, discipline, creativity, and flexibility. You need to deal with people, but know how to troubleshoot technology; you must be organized, but open to spontaneity; you should be prepared for everything, but comfortable working in the unknown. For the eight […]

Research Through Documentary Filmmaking Abroad

Over the course of the past three years, professors Frederick Corney and Alexander Prokhorov made undergraduate research the central component of William & Mary’s St. Petersburg summer study abroad program. Each year, students work on research projects concerning places of memory and urban development in St. Petersburg. Specifically, students examine how these sites are remembered […]

Teaching Through Research

We’ve determined as a faculty that our undergraduate students should comprehend the tools of research as an essential part of their future problem-solving and decision-making,” says Joel Schwartz, director of the Charles Center and dean of honors and interdisciplinary studies. Ordinarily, students would wait until graduate school or until they begin their careers before taking the next step: […]

May Seminar in Video Production

The Charles Center at the College of William and Mary supports May Seminars. A May Seminar is a gathering of 2-10 faculty members that is designed to encourage curriculum development or teaching improvement objectives. Usually these groups meet for a week in May. The May Seminar I propose will provide 8 faculty with basic video […]

Documenting Community Resource Management in Ecuador’s Threatened Forests

In November 2010, Stu Hamilton, Program Director of the GIS Lab, Professor Kris Lane in History and I got together to talk about our shared interest in Ecuador. Stu has spent years looking at the destruction of mangrove forests on the coast, Kris studies the gold-mining communities in the Highlands, and I spent time teaching […]

Mapping Memory in St. Petersburg

Sasha Prokhorov and I began discussing ways to incorporate video and audio production into the St. Petersburg study abroad program in September of 2010. We both realized the potential for a collaboration like this, but we were unsure of the best plan of action to developed. The following idea, “Mapping Memory in St. Petersburg,” serves […]